Fair Eliza's Flowers - philosophy

Slow Flowers

About 80% of our cut flowers today are imported from other parts of the world. They come to us from  huge farms whose environmental and social practices are often of very low standards. Thankfully we live in a town which supports the slow food  and local economy movements.

I proudly grow flowers on my farm in Fort Collins that have been selected for their suitability to our climate,  delightful fragrance,  long vase life, and old-fashioned charm. I feel it's important to learn what flowers grow locally and to enjoy them in their rightful seasons. Roses in February just don't make sense!

I feel my talent is combining a modern aesthetic and sensibility in design with solid ethical standards of production and procurement. When I need flowers or plant material that I cannot supply on my own, I look locally first, then to farms whose values and practices are in alignment with my own.

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